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Anniina's way with yoga begun through dance. Moving on as a dancer and dance teacher she loved yoga as a self-practice and an approach to tune in. Throughout the years she practiced different styles of yoga yet as a dancer was constantly attracted to vinyasa flow. The enthusiasm towards the specialty of yoga continued developing and she made a choice to go to teacher training at Yogadhyan. Her training with Yogadhyan opened her eyes to see the inner beauty of asanas in Ashtanga Vinyasa as she realized the advantage and benefits of asana postuers if practiced in correct manner. This knowledge made her go deeper into her yoga practice. Along with the pranayama, practice of yoga asanas rapidly had an awesome effect on her body. After the course, her involvement with Yogadhyan has proceeded with first as an associate and later as a yoga teacher. Anniina feels it's an opportunity to have the ability to progress in a place where it is feasible to train and learn simultaneously. As of now, she is training Ashtanga Vinyasa, pranayama and dance meditations at Yogadhyan.