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Namito has been on his path of spiritual yoga ever since from his childhood, learning from all highly qualified teachers and experts intensified his love for yoga. Born and grownup in the state of Bihar, he saw Swami Satyananda practicing yoga on one of his visits and got highly inspired by the culture of yoga. At seven years of age Swami Satyandanda started training Namito yoga asanas and pranayama practices after noticing his interest and potential towards yoga. At early age Namito started translating books from English to Hindi and spoke about his experience of witnessing his mind consciously, paying attention to his thoughts, separation from his mind and body. Namito started his training at the Krishnamurti boarding school, learning from the experienced masters all through his training. By seeing his potential and enthusiasm towards yoga, Krishnamurti proposed that Namito must go and learn from B.K.S Iyengar. After learning from Iyengar for a couple of years, Namito also got a chance to study with Pattahbi Jois for an year. Namito went to Norway, where being supported by both his father and his guru, B.K.S Iyengar, he started his career as a yoga teacher. In 2013, Iyengar motivated Namito to begin his own yoga school in India, that’s the way Yogadhyan came into existence, first in Dharamsala, and later on in Goa. The yearning to make individuals aware "of their internal being, the basis of their life energy" is the thing that drives Namito consistently in his work. He looksout that through this consciousness of body (Asana Practice), breath (Pranayama), mind (Pratyahara), heart and being (Dharana and Dhyana) the majority of life's issues are broken down (Samadhi), and he considers this to be the response to a large portion of the world's more extensive issues. He calls this the "in-volution of humanity", utilizing yoga as his means, with his proverbs of " alignment to enlightenment " and "fitness for the witness". Namito sees himself as "a vehicle for the divine", having dropped all the thoughts and becoming empty, he says he is taking every necessary step that has been given to him, with the objective of "expanding the human consciousness". Each student who comes to learn with Namito will be changed by his virtuous and vigorous approach to life, and will pick up a more profound spiritual knowledge of themselves and yoga through his practical lessons. If you choose Yogadhyan, you will come to know that you have come to the perfect place and also become aware that you have made some great karma in your past life in order to meet such an awesome teacher in this life.