What extent of yoga experience should I have to enroll in the program?

You just need to love yoga and pay attention to a daily practice to register for 200 Hour program. The length of the program enables you to take your practice to a deeper level while you are learning. You need to have a thorough (4-5x every week) vinyasa/control yoga practice before selecting in the Power Vinyasa Teacher Training.

What will I learn in the 200-hour yoga teacher training in India?

In order to make long lasting companions and extending your experience of yoga, you will exclusively focus on the below mentioned topics:

  • Asana – learning with secure and smart approach to perform yoga asanas
  • Alignment – with alterations, varieties and the correct utilization of props
  • Sequencing – how to plan dynamic, efficient and smart sessions capturing the attention of students of all levels of expertise
  • Working with various types of bodies/students
  • How to notice physical changes in practice
  • Working with injuries and impediments
  • Hands on modifications
  • Practice training
  • Anatomy
  • Pranayama – breathing strategies
  • Sanskrit texts translated into other languages
  • The History and Philosophy of Yoga (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • The knowledge of Yoga and how to become a successful yoga teacher

What if I don’t intend to be a yoga teacher?

Forget about it! Our 200-Hour YTTC course  is perfect for the individuals who need to go deeper further into the exploration of yoga, and to enhance their own particular practice. It’s likewise extraordinary for students who essentially need to have a transformational change and to be a piece of our flourishing Yoga Community.

Can I take this training even if I’m pregnant?

We have had numerous pregnant students in our programs. It all depends on how you feel. All students ought to first check with their specialist to ensure they are clear to take this training.

What is the Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance is an association that has commenced in 1999 as an approach to make broadly perceived benchmarks for yoga teachers and yoga teacher training in the US. Yoga studios today are looking for candidates certified by Yoga Alliance, either at the 200-Hour or 500-Hour level. Yoga Alliance registration, nevertheless, is not a legitimate prerequisite for training yoga. As of now, there are no lawful certification necessities to be a yoga teacher. The courses offered by Yogadhyan for Yoga Teacher Training in India are endorsed at the Yoga Alliance 200-Hour and 500-Hour level in the United States. Our programs have a 5 Star Yoga Alliance rating as per our past trainees.

What is the yoga teacher training certification assessment?

We motivate 500-Hour Graduates of Yogadhyan to make a professional move by getting certified. This appraisal incorporates both a theoretical and practical exam which will be assessed by a board of senior teachers. This accomplishment will demonstrate that you realize and represent the standards of an international yoga trainer.

What support is accessible amid the training?

We have a full staff of teachers and experts who are accessible to students.

Is there a base age necessity to take the training?

You should be no less than 18 years of age to take the Yoga Teacher Training in India.

What will I learn in the 300-hour yoga teacher training in India?

Like all other courses, you will get as much out of the course as you involve into it. Our aim behind offering this yoga teacher training program runs substantially more profound than training a sequence of physical postures; for, at its base, Yoga is an approach to help you achieve your fullest potential. Through the procedure of profound and genuine self-study, training, and surrender, we grow our minds and hearts. Principles of the program are grouping likeminded people and mindfulness, and authentic living not simply training people. Therefore, it is good for you to be clear about your goal for setting out on the path of Yoga.

In addition, you will:

  • Cultivate self-love and design a balanced daily routine
  • Study asana, and also pranayama, meditation strategies, and benefits of chanting mantra
  • Understand the science behind sequencing postures for safety and proper energy flow
  • Explore minutes of anatomy and physiology (involving planning, posture alterations, and posture assistance) and also anatomy of energy
  • Study the philosophy of yoga, as identified by Patanjali, as a base for cultivating healthy and joyful life
  • opportunity to be a part of extended practice sessions by guest faculty
  • Explore and learn the significance of good studentship and thorough practice
  • Work one-on-one with your own particular coach who has officially finished the program prior to you.

Could I smoke or take drugs amid the course?

Smoking and unlawful medications are entirely denied throughout the course. You will be expelled from the course immediately without any refunds if you are known to be involved in such deeds.

What are my choices after I finish 200-hour teacher training?

When you finish the training and all the prerequisites, you may enroll with Yoga Alliance (which is simple yet has an extra cost). At this point you may start teaching yoga! Your Yoga Alliance enrollment will affirm you as an RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher–200 Hours). You will be prepared to go out into the yoga world and teach at studios and physical fitness centers. Yogadhyan will likewise offer a 300-hour teacher training program that would expand on our 200-hour educational modules. We offer exclusive weekend intensive programs that enable you to explore your personal interests in the field of yoga to more profound levels. There is an endless list of choices you can explore after finishing your 200-hour yoga teacher training.

What do I get towards the end?

Effective finishing of the yoga teacher training program qualifies you for a graduation certification, with which you may apply to Yoga Alliance for enlistment as Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) at the 200-hour level.

Is the yoga teacher training qualification recognized around the world?

Yes! The 200-Hour Ashtanga TTC in India offered by Yogadhyan is recognized and acknowledged all over the world which is the reason we have more than 10,000 graduates. Our students originated from everywhere throughout the U.S. and everywhere throughout the world to take our training and to convey the learning back home to their own particular groups. Although, it is innately judicious to check in your nation if there are any particular prerequisites.

Please list out the prerequisites for the courses of 300-hour and 500-hour yoga teacher training in India.

The only prerequisite for these courses is to finish 200-hour yoga teacher training in India before you register for either of these courses.

How are the courses of 300-hour and 500-hour yoga teacher training in India different from each other?

In fact, there is no separate course for 500-hour yoga teacher training as such. If you have finished the 200-hour course you are eligible to register for 300-hour program, on completion of which you will have attended a yoga teacher training program for 500-hours in total. This will entitle you for both RYS-300 and RYS-500 certifications.

What if I have completed 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training from a different yoga school?

You are welcome to register for both 300-hour and 500-hour yoga teacher training programs offered by Yogadhyan.